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System Justification, the Denial of Global Warming, and the Possibility of “System-Sanctioned Change”
Despite extensive evidence of climate change and environmental destruction, polls continue to reveal widespread denial and resistance to helping the environment. It is posited here that theseExpand
Social Justice and the Human–Environment Relationship: Common Systemic, Ideological, and Psychological Roots and Processes
Abstract Historical analyses and contemporary social psychological research demonstrate that prevailing systems, institutions, and practices espouse an ideology of conflict between humans and theExpand
Motivated recall in the service of the economic system: The case of anthropogenic climate change.
The contemporary political landscape is characterized by numerous divisive issues. Unlike many other issues, however, much of the disagreement about climate change centers not on how best to takeExpand
Assessment of web-based interactive game system methodology for dissemination and diffusion to improve firefighter safety and wellness
This paper describes research to assess the efficacy of web-based interactive game-like training in comparison to traditional classroom training for improving firefighters' knowledge, to advance theExpand
Understanding and countering the motivated roots of climate change denial
Action on climate change is currently minimal, and woefully inadequate for steering away from its worst trajectories and impacts. Psychological science offers insights into the causes of climateExpand
Justice and Environmental Sustainability
The world faces significant challenges pertaining to the depletion and degradation of environmental resources. A public that is increasingly aware of resource scarcity, understands ecosystemExpand
Culture and Prosocial Behavior