Irina F. Kiver

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Five recombinant plasmids, pBK2646, pBK611, pRC3, pRC4 and pRC5, carrying rpoB rifampicin-resistant RNA-polymerase genes were obtained. The sequence analysis of these plasmids revealed certain structural changes in the rpoB gene which specify corresponding alterations in the β-subunit of RNA polymerase. Some functional properties of the corresponding mutant(More)
The transducing phage λ dsupM814 and the plasmid pIB1830 containing the wild-type rpoB gene have been constructed and the primary structure of the gene's central fragment has been established. In contrast with the wild-type, the gene of the rpoB255 mutant, whose primary structure has been published, was found to contain an A.T.→T.A. transversion entailing(More)
A hybrid lambda att 80 phage with the genetic structure lambda (A-J) phi 80 (att-int-xis) imm lambda..cI857s7 is shown to be a convenient vector for creating transducing phages. On the one hand, the restriction analysis indicates that it has 3 restriction sites for EcoRI in comparison with 5 and 9 sites for parental phages lambda and phi 80 respectively. On(More)
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