Irina-Emilia Nicolae

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The ability to infer implicit user variables in realtime and in an unobtrusive way would open a broad variety of applications such as adapting the user interface in human-computer interaction or developing safety assistance systems in industrial workplaces. Such information may be extracted from behavior, peripheral physiology and brain activity. Each of(More)
When developing a motion synchronous Brain-Computer Interface, it is very important to have effective stimuli. This research testes and proposes an improved brain computer interface stimulus system, based on event related spectral perturbation. In order to investigate the reaction of the motor cortex to stimuli, the influence of the human senses has to be(More)
Abnormalities in iron metabolism are frequent in the neoplastic disease. The relationship between hepcidin and iron homeostasis in cancerous pathology is incompletely known, although it has been studied during the last years. This paper aims to analyze the role of hepcidin in the neoplastic processes, its correlation with carcinogenesis and anemia, and with(More)
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