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Four new species of Careproctus (Cottoidei: Liparidae) from the deep-water vicinity of the southern Kuril Islands (Western North Pacific).
Four new species of Careproctus (Cottoidei: Liparidae) are described from the Bussol Strait (the deepest channel of the Kuril archipelago) and two neighboring abyssal basins of the Western NorthExpand
Description and DNA barcoding of Lycenchelys lenzeni, a new species of eelpout (Perciformes: Zoarcidae) from the deep sea off the Kuril Archipelago.
A new species of eelpout genus Lycenchelys Gill, 1884 is described based on seven specimens caught at a depth of about 2350 m in the Bussol Strait, southwest of the Kuril Island Simushir. The speciesExpand