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In this paper we report on our ongoing studies around the application of Augmented Reality methods to support the order picking process of logistics applications. Order picking is the gathering of goods out of a prepared range of items following some customer orders. We named the visual support of this order picking process using Head-mounted Displays "(More)
PURPOSE Interest in diseases of the nervous system resulting from occupational exposure to mixed organic solvents has greatly increased. The aim of our study was to identify preclinical effects of low-level chronic solvent exposure on the central nervous system in car painters by assessing their cognitive performance. METHODS This psychological study(More)
Tobacco smoke is the single most important modifiable risk factor for coronary diseases and the leading preventable cause of death in the US. While the effect of cigarette smoking on the progression of atherosclerotic diseases is established and well studied, the role of cigarette smoking on cardiac arrhythmia is less clearly defined. In fact the(More)
The situation of exposure in a copper works facility in Germany enabled early lead-induced neurotoxic effects to be investigated in the workers. The aim of the investigation was to study the long-term effects of small doses of lead on psychometric/psychophysiological performance of workers. The study involved 70 male lead exposed workers and 27 male(More)
INTRODUCTION PTSD is associated with comprehensive disruption of several neurobiological regulation mechanisms and with a disruption in the parasympathetic-sympathetic balance. This can be measured with the heart rate variability (HRV). METHODS A systematic review in PubMed using the keywords "hrv" or "heart rate variability" and "PTSD" or "posttraumatic(More)
Optical see-through devices enable observers to see additional information embedded in real environments. There is already some evidence of increasing visual load in respective systems. We investigated visual performance when users performed visual search tasks or dual tasks only on the optical see-through device, only on a computer screen, or switching(More)
Contrast sensitivity measurement accurately evaluates the sensitivity of all human visual channels, even in a more detailed manner than simple acuity measures can. This is a study of visual contrast sensitivity in a series of subjects occupationally exposed to organic solvents. Contrast sensitivity was measured for 42 printers and 28 age-stratified controls(More)
The aim of this study was to examine whether signs of neurotoxic influence on the autonomic nervous system, after lengthy occupational lead exposure, could be revealed by appropriate cardiac rhythm analysis. A total of 109 male lead-exposed workers and 27 controls were examined in a cross-sectional study. In addition, 17 lead-exposed participants were(More)