Irina Anselm

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Combined oxidative phosphorylation deficiency type 7 (COXPD7) is a rare disorder of mitochondrial metabolism that results in optic atrophy and Leigh syndrome-like disease. We describe 2 siblings with compound heterozygous mutations in the recently identified C12orf65 gene who presented with optic atrophy and mild developmental delays and subsequently(More)
The treatment of mitochondrial disease varies considerably. Most experts use a combination of vitamins, optimize patients' nutrition and general health, and prevent worsening of symptoms during times of illness and physiologic stress. We agree with this approach, and we agree that therapies using vitamins and cofactors have value, though there is debate(More)
TUBB2A is a gene that has recently been reported in association with structural brain abnormalities. Only 3 cases have been reported to date with disparate brain morphologic abnormalities, although all patients have presented with developmental delay and infantile-onset epilepsy. We report a fourth patient with a de novo variant in TUBB2A that is predicted(More)
GFER-related mitochondrial encephalomyopathy has been previously described only in 3 siblings of a consanguineous Moroccan family. Their phenotype included congenital cataracts, hypotonia, developmental delay, and sensorineural hearing loss. Multiple mitochondrial respiratory chain complex deficiencies were identified on muscle biopsy. We describe a(More)
ADCY5 mutations have been reported as a cause of early onset hyperkinetic movements associated with delayed motor milestones, hypotonia, and exacerbation during sleep. The movement disorder may be continuous or episodic, and can vary considerably in severity within families and in individuals. The authors report a case series of 3 patients with ADCY5(More)
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