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Experiments were carried out to learn about changes in sensory cortical processing associated with different levels of anaesthesia. Traditionally this question has been addressed by studying single neurons. Because state changes are likely to influence the relationships between neurons, the present experiments were undertaken to investigate the spatial and(More)
Neuronal populations in the sensory cortex exhibit fluctuations in excitability, and the present experiments tested the hypothesis that these variations coincide with peaks and troughs in cortical modifiability. The activity of multiunit neuronal clusters under light urethane anesthesia was recorded through 100-microelectrode arrays implanted in the(More)
Most sensory systems are active, in the sense that the animal performs specific motor actions in order to collect information of interest-signals are not merely passively received. We, therefore, expect cortical development to depend not only correct sensory experience, but also on correct motor experience. In this study, we used the rat whisker system as a(More)
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