Iride Mascheretti

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The activity of the maize (Zea mays) florigen gene ZEA CENTRORADIALIS8 (ZCN8) is associated with the floral transition in both day-neutral temperate maize and short-day (SD)-requiring tropical maize. We analyzed transcription and chromatin modifications at the ZCN8 locus and its nearly identical paralog ZCN7 during the floral transition. This analysis was(More)
The maize (Zea mays) nucleosome remodeling factor complex component101 (nfc101) and nfc102 are putative paralogs encoding WD-repeat proteins with homology to plant and mammalian components of various chromatin modifying complexes. In this study, we generated transgenic lines with simultaneous nfc101 and nfc102 downregulation and analyzed phenotypic(More)
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