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The dynamic growth of multimedia production and multimedia enabling devices increase a need for a way that can store, manage, access and share the multimedia data. The explosion of digital media content is driving the need for more effective solutions for annotation, managing and effective searching large repositories of video to fulfill the demand of(More)
With the rapid development and advancement in media enable devices and new application digital libraries, news, entertainment etc have emerge a grand challenge that, there is a need for a technique and a framework that can store, manage, search and retrieve the data from the media archive in order to cope with this demand, the researchers are continuously(More)
The demand for fast access of multimedia content is growing exponentially, but unfortunately the advancement in technology is not so fast. A variety of annotation techniques are proposed by the researcher in literature, but still the demand for general annotation mechanism is exists. Among different techniques available for annotation the text analysis is(More)
In this article, we present the idea of a WiMAX based audio/video transmission. The data transmitter will transmit an audio/video signal, which will be received by the receiver side. The hardware of the data transmitter consists of a CCD camera and audio mic. The CCD camera will capture the image and give the analog video signal to a fixed filter of 12 MHz.(More)
The ultimate challenge of the semantic multimedia database research is to provide a system that can retrieve the most relevant and semantically accurate multimedia data (image, audio, text) according to the user requirement. In order to cope with this challenge there is a need for a system that can efficiently and effectively index the multimedia data. This(More)
Due to the ubiquitous ness of the digital media including broadcast news, documentary videos, meeting, movies, etc. and the progression in the technology and the decreasing outlay of the storage media leads to an increase in the data production. This explosive proliferation of the digital media without appropriate management mimics its exploitation.(More)
Potassium (K) fertilizer management is beneficial for improving growth, yield and yield components of field crops under moisture stress condition in semiarid climates. Field experiments were conducted to study the response of maize (Zea mays L., cv. Azam) to foliar and soil applied K during summer 2013 and 2014. The experiments were carried out at the(More)
Dramatic expansion and eminence of the multimedia data from the last decades, culminates to a trouble in managing, accessing and annotating the data. The high level semantic annotation (HLS) of resources in general and multimedia resources in particular, is a resilient job. The Progression in automatic annotation mechanisms have not been able to comprehend(More)
Semantically enriched multimedia information is crucial for equipping the kind of multimedia search potentials that professional searchers need. But the semantic interpretation of multimedia is obsolete without some mechanism for understanding semantic content that is not explicitly available. Manual annotation is the only source to overwhelming this, which(More)
Much attention has been paid to the design and implementation of adaptive antenna arrays (also called smart antennas), intended for use in current and future wireless communication systems. The motivation is that employment of such array antennas can significantly increase the range and capacity of wireless systems by orienting the main beam towards the(More)