Irfan Turkovic

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Paper presents a calculation of the electric field distribution around the 400 kV transmission lines in power system of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). Method of equivalent charges was used for the calculation of the electric field at arbitrary points in the vicinity of high-voltage transmission lines. Transmission lines with standard tower's dimensions,(More)
Grounding systems have the most important role in safety of staff and substation equipment and therefore they require detailed analysis of relevant parameters. This paper discusses the possibility of application of software packages based on finite element method (FEM), when conducting analysis of grounding systems. Firstly the paper describes a(More)
A man is exposed to electromagnetic fields in his environment. Electromagnetic fields always exist in nature – atmospheric static electric field, the Earth's magnetic static field, the fields of a wide range of frequencies due to the outbreaks in the atmosphere, etc. However, a man is today the most exposed to the artificial field, due to progress in(More)
In this paper is presented an approach in development of measurement system (MS) for analyzing the power quality (PQ). The main aim of this paper is to present procedures of PQ measurements according to the strictest norms and standards and to develop a system for measuring specific indicators of PQ. The developed MS is implemented on several examples. In(More)
This paper engages the problem of adjusting the zero-order Sugeno fuzzy reasoning, so it could work on relatively simple and cheap microelectronic circuit, such as microcontoller. In this paper, a way to present the fuzzy system in a convinient form for storage in the microcontroller memory is shown. Also it was shown that the whole fuzzy reasoning can be(More)
During the malfunction in the substation, there is danger that transferred potential from the earthing system area into the outer space may occur. This problem may be a limiting factor when calculating the earthing system. Generally, a danger from too high touch voltage occurs. Also, very large potential differences are possible. Calculation of the(More)
Investigations of the electromagnetic interference indicate that disconnecting switching of the off-loaded busbars is one of the most important sources of electromagnetic interference in the secondary circuits of a power station. Disconnector's contacts in air-insulated substations (AIS) move slowly causing numerous strikes and restrikes between contacts.(More)
This paper presents the use of coupled BEM/FEM method by the numeric calculations of protection current/potential distribution when the cathodic protection system with galvanic anodes is applied. Cathodic protection (CP) system is very efficient system for protection of underground metal object from corrosion. The most important phase by installing the CP(More)