Irfan Nuri Karaca

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BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Delayed presentation of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) has been considered rare, and clinical manifestations differ from the more common newborn entity. Associated malformations in late-appearing CDH have been reported in a few patients. The authors reviewed their clinical experience to catalogue the frequency and clinical(More)
A retrospective analysis of the medical records of 205 children with renal injuries secondary to blunt abdominal trauma is used to make recommendations regarding the initial diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in this type of patient. It was found that the absence of hematuria on initial urinalysis does not exclude a serious renal injury. Thus, following(More)
A simple testicular cyst is a rare cause of scrotal swelling in infancy. Only 10 cases have been reported in children less than two years of age in the English literature. Pathogenesis of the lesion is unclear. Preoperative diagnosis is possible using ultrasonography (US). Testis-sparing surgery with simple enucleation of the cyst has a favorable outcome.(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Colonic atresia (CA) is one of the rarest causes of neonatal intestinal obstructions, and no large series can be reported. Therefore, we did perform a retrospective clinical trial to delineate our CA cases and carry out a literature survey. METHODS We reviewed the charts of CA cases treated in our center between 1992 and 2002. We aimed(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction is the most common cause of congenital hydronephrosis. Previous studies have reported that the excess amount of collagen restricting mobility and resiliency of the UPJ is the result of an impaired collagen production by anomalous smooth muscle cells (SMCs). Our purpose was to evaluate the role of(More)
Teratoid Wilms' tumor is rarely seen and is a description used only recently. The term describes classical nephroma with a diversity of cell types and tissues. In this reported case, the epithelial component consisting of squamous areas made up 70 percent of the tumor; no criteria of dysplasia nor any nephroblastomatosis areas or endodermal elements were(More)
Although congenital pyloric atresia commonly occurs in isolation, it has rarely been reported in association with other alimentary tract atresias. This is a report of a newborn with congenital pyloric atresia associated with duodenal atresia, jejunal atresia, apple-peel ileal atresia, and pylorocholedochal fistula. Preoperative diagnosis was duodenal(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effectiveness and long-term results of percutaneous treatment for hydatid liver cysts in pediatric patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-four pediatric patients (15 male, 19 female; ages 4-17 years; mean age, 9.4 years) with 51 hydatid liver cysts underwent ultrasound (US)-guided percutaneous treatment with albendazole(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Portosystemic shunt operations are indicated in patients with extrahepatic portal hypertension owing to portal vein thrombosis (EPH-PVT) suffering from recurrent variceal bleeding despite endoscopic sclerotherapy. Mesenterico left portal bypass procedure (MLPB) is an alternative procedure to the portosystemic shunt operations in patients(More)
PURPOSE Surgical control of gastroesophageal reflux (GER) is a challenging problem especially in neurologically impaired children and in acquired GER patients after caustic insult to the esophagus because of high failure rates of the classical antireflux procedures. A surgical technique has been designed to overcome this high relapse incidence. METHODS(More)