Irfan Naufal Umar

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This study aims to investigate the effects of metaphors and pairing activity on programming performance of students with different self-regulated-learning (SRL) level. A total of 84 computing students were involved in this seven-week study, and they were randomly assigned either to a group that received a combination of metaphor and pair programming (MPP)(More)
The process of Instructional Design deals with the production of an effective, efficient and appealing instructional material under different condition, method and outcome. Computer programming is part and parcel of computer education. Research done in western countries has shown that programming requires problem solving and analytical thinking skill;(More)
— The use of technology is introduced into the educational system to enhance the quality and quantity of the process of teaching and learning by way of computer-assisted instruction and the use of the Internet. Blogs, podcasts and wikis have been adopted by many online professional and educational providers and services to carry a certain learning needs.(More)
In current era Mobile Agent (MA) technology is engaging so much attention as an urgent request. Many applications for Mobile Agent goes via the web like commercial transaction, sale room, and job finder, etc.. Mobile Agent Technology may contribute in solving many problems for several companies because Mobile agent technology is a very appealing solution(More)
The advancement of ICT has impacted every aspect of human life, including education. ICT has also influenced our teacher education system, especially concerning its application in teaching and learning. As there are several studies on ICT application in teacher education, this article will examine the ICT research trends in such program in Malaysia. A(More)
—Self-directed learning (SDL) has become a major topic within adult education literature. Addressing the impact of various educational games on the student motivation levels and the development of SDL especially for learning math have helped to determine the important resources to be applied in order for monitoring the learner progress. Therefore, this(More)
Although Web technology is widely used in today's classrooms, educationists are still unsure of its capability to generate meaningful learning. As the numbers of web-based learning (WBL) materials keep increasing tremendously, more students will rely on such resources in their learning process. WBL is always seen as a platform to deliver information, and as(More)