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This study aims to investigate the effects of metaphors and pairing activity on programming performance of students with different self-regulated-learning (SRL) level. A total of 84 computing students were involved in this seven-week study, and they were randomly assigned either to a group that received a combination of metaphor and pair programming (MPP)(More)
— The use of technology is introduced into the educational system to enhance the quality and quantity of the process of teaching and learning by way of computer-assisted instruction and the use of the Internet. Blogs, podcasts and wikis have been adopted by many online professional and educational providers and services to carry a certain learning needs.(More)
In wireless networking, mobility is one of the key features. Mobility allows users to move around with their device within the given area that is covered by wireless network. This research aimed to conduct a performance analysis of TFRC and UDP over mobile-IP network with competing flows that enables to investigate three major performance metrics such as(More)
Problem decomposition as chunking technique is used as abstract concept to break the programming scenarios into smaller manageable chunk in relation to fulfilling the system requirements. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of problem decomposition with cooperative learning on developing software in terms of the number of revised project(More)
Although Web technology is widely used in today's classrooms, educationists are still unsure of its capability to generate meaningful learning. As the numbers of web-based learning (WBL) materials keep increasing tremendously, more students will rely on such resources in their learning process. WBL is always seen as a platform to deliver information, and as(More)
—Self-directed learning (SDL) has become a major topic within adult education literature. Addressing the impact of various educational games on the student motivation levels and the development of SDL especially for learning math have helped to determine the important resources to be applied in order for monitoring the learner progress. Therefore, this(More)
Of late, we have seen a tremendous change in our education system due to the rapid advancement of ICT and the Internet. Not only the teaching and learning process have been influenced by this technology, the way the education system is managed has also been affected. However, there is a need to study how ICT resources are managed in such electronic learning(More)
ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to my supervisor, Associate Professor Dr. Toh Seong Chong for his professional expertise, invaluable guidance, persistant encouragement, patience, incisive comments, enthusiasm and generous contribution of his valuable time in supervising the design of the multimedia(More)