Irfan Majeed

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Blue emission fluorescent Au(5) clusters with maximum quantum yield of 20.1% were synthesized by a simple photoreduction method using three specially designed tridentate polymer ligands. The evolution of fluorescent Au nanoclusters (Au NCs) under UV irradiation was studied by fluorescence, UV-Vis and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic techniques, suggesting(More)
Brucellosis is a chronic granulomatous zoonosis with protean manifestations. Cutaneous involvement in Brucellosis is a relatively rare phenomenon. We describe a case of Brucella melitensis infection presenting with erythema nodosum like skin lesions involving palms and soles in a 70 years old lady.
A 2 Year old boy presented with painful ballooning of both eyes with the 2 days history of trauma to the head while playing. His vaccination was complete. On examination he was afebrile. The Eyes were ballooned with blackish crust over both lids. On local examination, eye swelling was tense with severe tenderness. The diagnosis of Preseptal cellulitis was(More)
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