Irfan Ahmed Malik

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OBJECTIVES Since the turn of the century, minimally invasive surgery has become increasingly widespread. Discectomy surgery has evolved from wide open to microscopic and now endoscopic. This study aims to demonstrate that transforaminal endoscopic discectomy is an alternative and safe approach for degenerative disk surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS Two year(More)
Purpose. The anterior high thoracic spine is one of the most complex segments to be accessed surgically due to anatomical constraints and transitional characteristics. We describe in detail the mini transsternal approach to metastatic, infective, traumatic, and degenerative pathologies of T1 to T4 vertebral bodies. We analyse our surgical series,(More)
In the post 9/11 world, homeland security has become focal issue for every country and governments are constantly improving security mechanisms to protect their citizens. Pakistan being the front line state in the war against terror is one of the heavily affected countries by terrorism. Timely information dissemination to public by security agencies can(More)
OBJECTIVE To study retrospectively the impact of electrode modality (subdural or depth electrodes) during presurgical assessment on surgical outcome after temporal lobectomy. METHODS The study included 17 patients assessed with depth electrodes and 57 with bitemporal subdural strips. RESULTS MRI showed a larger proportion of bilateral pathology in(More)
Primary mesenteric liposarcoma is extremely rare and is treated by aggressive surgical management i.e. wide excision with adequate margins (in the absence of distant metastases). We report a case of huge slow-growing primary mesenteric liposarcoma in a 52-year-old man, who presented with gross abdominal distension. He was anaemic with pre-operative imaging(More)
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