Ireneo Peral

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In this paper we study the problem 8<>: ut −∆u = β(u)|∇u|2 + f(x, t) in Q ≡ Ω× (0,+∞) u(x, t) = 0 on ∂Ω× (0,+∞), u(x, 0) = u0(x) in Ω, where Ω is a bounded regular domain, β is a positive nondecreasing function and f , u0 are positive functions satisfying some hypotheses of summability. Among others contribution the main one is to prove a wild(More)
The low-temperature phase of TlH(2)PO(4) has been studied by X-ray diffraction. A structural model is proposed with space group P1. This model is compared with the structure of the antiferroelectric phase of TlD(2)PO(4) at room temperature to analyze the expected isomorphism at low temperature. Given the structural distortion of TlH(2)PO(4), such(More)
The average structure of the composite urea/octanedioic acid has been refined using the superspace formalism [superspace group H'3(1)21(00gamma)001;]. Modulation effects seem to be almost negligible. The guest substructure appears to be largely disordered and has been modelled using rigid units occupying 12 equiprobable different orientations inside the(More)
A structural model for the composite crystal urea/n-octane is proposed. Despite the lack of information from the largely disordered guest substructure, the final model is consistent with the collected diffraction pattern. The use of the superspace approach stresses the composite character of the inclusion compounds and makes easier a unified view of the(More)
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