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Biting patterns and seasonal densities of Anopheles mosquitoes in the Cayo District, Belize, Central America with emphasis on Anopheles darlingi
ABSTRACT The present study utilized an experimental hut to conduct human-baited landing collections for characterizing the all-night biting patterns and seasonal densities of adult Anopheles darlingiExpand
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The field evaluation of a push-pull system to control malaria vectors in Northern Belize, Central America
BackgroundCampaigns for the continued reduction and eventual elimination of malaria may benefit from new and innovative vector control tools. One novel approach being considered uses a push-pullExpand
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Comparison of life table attributes from newly established colonies of Anopheles albimanus and Anopheles vestitipennis in northern Belize.
A life table study was conducted for recently established colonies of Anopheles albimanus and Anopheles vestitipennis in Belize, Central America. The colonies were reared in the northern Orange WalkExpand
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Use of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems to Predict Locations of Anopheles darlingi-Positive Breeding Sites Within the Sibun River in Belize, Central America
Abstract Previous studies have identified several anopheline species integral to the transmission of malaria in Belize. The highly efficient vector, Anopheles darlingi Root, is currently consideredExpand
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Molecular Detection and Identification of Rickettsia Species in Ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) Collected From Belize, Central America
Abstract Little is known about tick-borne rickettsial pathogens in Belize, Central America. We tested ixodid ticks for the presence of Rickettsia species in three of the six northern and westernExpand
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Comparative data on the insecticide resistance of Anopheles albimanus in relation to agricultural practices in northern Belize, CA
Anopheles albimanus Wiedemann is one of the primary vectors of malaria in northern Belize. The primary breeding sites for this species in Central America are fresh water wetlands that are found inExpand
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First Record and Demonstration of a Southward Expansion of Aedes albopictus into Orange Walk Town, Belize, Central America1
Abstract The first record of Aedes albopictus in northern Belize was made in Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District, on November 3, 2011. Aedes spp. larvae were collected during a routine Ministry ofExpand
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Comparison of Experimental Hut Entrance and Exit Behavior Between Anopheles darlingi from the Cayo District, Belize, and Zungarococha, Peru
Abstract Anopheles darlingi is a major vector for malaria in Central and South America. Behavioral, ecological, genetic, and morphologic variability has been observed across its wide distribution.Expand
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A Comparison Of Two Commercial Mosquito Traps for the Capture Of Malaria Vectors In Northern Belize, Central America1
Abstract To achieve maximum success from any vector control intervention, it is critical to identify the most efficacious tools available. The principal aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacyExpand
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HLA antigens (A,B,C and D) among two groups of Guahiboan speaking Indians in Colombia. “Results of expedicion humana”
The serological HLA types (A,B,C and D loci) were studied in the Sikuani and Guayabero, two Guahiboan speaking Indian groups inhabiting the eastern lowlands of Colombia. Besides restrictedExpand