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Secreted Hedgehog (HH) ligands signal through the canonical receptor Patched (PTCH1). However, recent studies implicate three additional HH-binding, cell-surface proteins, GAS1, CDO, and BOC, as putative coreceptors for HH ligands. A central question is to what degree these coreceptors function similarly and what their collective requirement in HH signal(More)
UNLABELLED Susceptibility to mouse adenovirus type 1 (MAV-1) is mouse strain dependent; susceptible mice die from hemorrhagic encephalomyelitis. The MAV-1 susceptibility quantitative trait locus Msq1 accounts for ~40% of the phenotypic (brain viral load) variance that occurs between resistant BALB/c and susceptible SJL mice after MAV-1 infection. Using an(More)
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