Irene Visch

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OBJECTIVE Compulsory admission to a psychiatric hospital is associated with a three- to fourfold increase in the risk of another compulsory admission. Given the rising numbers of civil detentions in The Netherlands and other European countries, it is important to understand the mechanism behind this association. Our aim is to study the links between(More)
OBJECTIVE Social support for patients with a mental illness has been associated with a lower rate of hospitalization. It is important to clarify the role played by a lack of social support as a possible predictor of emergency compulsory admission. METHODS A random sample of 252 patients who were evaluated by two psychiatric emergency teams in Amsterdam(More)
BACKGROUND The overall number of involuntary admissions is increasing in many European countries. Patients with severe mental illnesses more often progress to stages in which acute, coercive treatment is warranted. The number of studies that have examined this development and possible consequences in terms of optimizing health care delivery in emergency(More)
AIM There has been a striking increase in the number of compulsory admission proceedings in the Netherlands since 1992, to such an extent that treatment in Amsterdam's psychiatric clinics is in danger of being dominated by coercive treatment. Our aim was to establish a picture of the changes in emergency psychiatry that have contributed to the increase in(More)
BACKGROUND Immediate patient feedback has been shown to improve outcomes for patients in mild distress but it is unclear whether psychiatric patients in severe distress benefit equally from feedback. This study investigates the efficacy of an immediate feedback instrument in the treatment of patients with acute and severe psychosocial or psychiatric(More)
BACKGROUND This study looks at the effect of immediate session-by-session feedback using short questionnaires for evaluating outcome of and alliance in the therapy. Research data strongly suggests that using this feedback informed treatment improves the outcome of therapy. However, until now, this method of Miller and Duncan has only been examined in(More)
OBJECTIVE Specific ethnic groups appear to be disproportionally represented in emergency compulsory admissions. This may be due to a parallel higher risk of psychopathology, but different pathways to care in patients from ethnic minorities may also be an explanatory factor. In this article we concentrate on the influence of ethnic background, pathways to(More)
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