Irene Snyman

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Modelling the business processes of an organisation offers benefits such as improved communication, increased understanding of processes, support for change management and gaining of competitive advantage over other organisations. However, Business Process Modelling (BPM) in large projects often needs to be carried out collaboratively in a team environment.(More)
We analyze the operation of a quantum tunneling detector coupled to a coherent conductor. We demonstrate that, in a certain energy range, the output of the detector is determined by two-photon processes, two-interacting-electron processes, and the interference of the two. We show how the individual contributions of these processes can be resolved in(More)
An M26 hand grenade was accidentally detonated by a group of eight children, six of whom were killed, in the Mthatha area of South Africa. The M26 grenade is designed to produce casualties through the high velocity fragments that it expels. However, if one is close enough to the grenade primary blast injuries will occur in addition to penetration injuries(More)
We prove theoretically the possibility of electric-field controlled polaron formation involving flexural (bending) modes in suspended carbon nanotubes. Upon increasing the field, the ground state of the system with a single extra electron undergoes a first-order phase transition between an extended state and a localized polaron state. For a common(More)
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