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BACKGROUND Variation in the IL28B gene is associated with sustained virologic response (SVR) to pegylated interferon plus ribavirin in hepatitis C virus (HCV)-monoinfected patients with genotype 1. Data on other genotypes and on patients coinfected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and HCV are more limited. We aimed to assess the predictive ability of(More)
A lyophilized aqueous leaf extract of Cecropia obtusifolia proved to be antihypertensive when intravenously administrated to conscious spontaneous hypertensive rats. Forty-five minutes after injection, the maximum fall in arterial pressure (-23.5% relative to preinjection values) was seen and recovery was not complete by the end of the 180 min observation(More)
We report two cases with double outlet right ventricle and subaortic restrictive ventricular septal defect. Both had atrial situs solitus and atrioventricular concordance. There were no other associated defects. Both cases were diagnosed by means of an angiocardiographic study and case two was also studied anatomically. Additional data for the diagnosis(More)
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