Irene S. Y. Kwan

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A practitioner's approach to integrate databases and evolve them so as to support new database applications is presented. The approach consists of a joint bottom-up and top-down methodology; the bottom-up approach is taken to integrate existing database using standard schema integration techniques(B-Schema), the top-down approach is used to develop a(More)
In the digital market, attracting sufficient online traffic in a business to customer Web site is vital to an online business's success. The changing patterns of Internet surfer access to e-commerce sites pose challenges for the Internet marketing teams of online companies. For e-business to grow, a system must be devised to provide customers' preferred(More)
In the past decade a considerable amount of research has been done on schema integration and translation. Until recently, most of the work has largely neglected the proof of correctness in transforming schemas. Anomalies could arise due to errors in the transformation rules. Invalid transformations can produce incomplete or inconsistent pictures that may(More)
Mobile computing technology is developing rapidly due to the advantages of information access through mobile devices and the need to retrieve information at remote locations. However, many obstacles within the discipline of wireless computing are yet to be resolved. One of the most significant of these issues is the speed of data retrieval, which directly(More)
The rapid growth of Internet in the past decade has speedily expanded the number of Web domains to over 43 million worldwide. To personalize e-customers relationship becomes important to maintain business on-line. Establishing an effective customer relationship management scheme using web mining technique seems to be the only way out. It is difficult to(More)