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BACKGROUND Several systematic reviews compared recombinant gonadotrophin with urinary gonadotrophins (HMG, purified FSH, highly purified FSH) for ovarian hyperstimulation in IVF and ICSI cycles and these reported conflicting results. Each of these reviews used different inclusion and exclusion criteria for trials. Our aim in producing this review is to(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify methods to increase response to postal questionnaires. DESIGN Systematic review of randomised controlled trials of any method to influence response to postal questionnaires. STUDIES REVIEWED 292 randomised controlled trials including 258 315 participants INTERVENTION REVIEWED: 75 strategies for influencing response to postal(More)
The aim was to describe the patients' views of the challenges posed by a new diagnosis of epilepsy and their assessment of a nurse intervention. Neurologists in South-East England referred patients into the study. Following a trial of a nurse intervention a subgroup of patients were purposefully identified for in depth interviews. Transcriptions of(More)
In the digital market, attracting sufficient online traffic in a business to customer Web site is vital to an online business's success. The changing patterns of Internet surfer access to e-commerce sites pose challenges for the Internet marketing teams of online companies. For e-business to grow, a system must be devised to provide customers' preferred(More)
BACKGROUND There is an increasing global burden of disease from injuries. Models of trauma care initially developed in high-income countries are also being adopted in low and middle-income countries (LMIC). Amongst these ambulance crews with Advanced Life Support (ALS) training are being promoted in LMIC as a strategy for improving outcomes for victims of(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of haemorrhagic shock involves maintaining blood pressure and tissue perfusion until bleeding is controlled. Different resuscitation strategies have been used to maintain the blood pressure in trauma patients until bleeding is controlled. However, while maintaining blood pressure may prevent shock, it may worsen bleeding. OBJECTIVES(More)
A practitioner's approach to integrate databases and evolve them so as to support new database applications is presented. The approach consists of a joint bottom-up and top-down methodology; the bottom-up approach is taken to integrate existing database using standard schema integration techniques(B-Schema), the top-down approach is used to develop a(More)