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Stresses on Antarctic ecosystems result from environmental change, including extreme events, and from (other) human impacts. Consequently , Antarctic habitats are changing, some at a rapid pace while others are relatively stable. A cascade of responses from molecular through organismic to the community level are expected. The differences in biological(More)
The Antarctic Peninsula (AP) is one of the three places on Earth that registered the most intense warming in the last 50 years, almost five times the global mean. This warming has strongly affected the cryosphere, causing the largest ice-shelf collapses ever observed and the retreat of 87% of glaciers. Ecosystem responses, although increasingly predicted,(More)
OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN A cross-sectional analytical study to determine the cardiovascular risk factor profile of older residents of fishing villages on the West Coast of South Africa, and to determine which anthropometric measures are associated with risk factors. SUBJECTS A convenient community-based sample of 152 subjects of mixed ancestry aged 55 years(More)
Strandings of marine animals are relatively common in marine systems. However, the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. We observed mass strandings of krill in Antarctica that appeared to be linked to the presence of glacial meltwater. Climate-induced glacial meltwater leads to an increased occurrence of suspended particles in the sea, which is(More)
Rapid climate-driven melting of coastal glaciers may control plankton dynamics in the Western Antarctic Peninsula. It is known that in Potter Cove, 25 de Mayo/King George Island, phytoplankton is tightly coupled to meltwater input. However, no information on zooplankton is available in this regard. The aim of this study was therefore to examine the(More)
This article has been withdrawn by the authors. This follows the discovery that some of the data was incorrect and other data could not be used. The paper relied on this and it was fundamental to the Wndings and interpretation. The lead author apologies for any inconvienience to the scientiWc community caused by the withdrawal of this paper.
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