Irene R. R. Lu

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Treatment of fungal infections is an area of increasing concern. This is because of the complexity of underlying illness in affected patients as well as the limited number of antifungal agents available for use. Current strategies focus on prevention of these infections in patients at high risk; however, this has the potential to lead to the emergence of(More)
This paper reviews two approaches for analyzing latent variable regression: a two-step approach featuring regression scale scores, and a combined IRT-SEM approach. A Monte Carlo simulation is conducted to quantify and compare the bias in regression estimates for the two approaches. The different bias properties of the two methods will also be illustrated(More)
OBJECTIVE To conform the reliability of the reverse island skin flap supplied by the superficial sural artery in clinical applications. METHODS The distally based superficial sural artery flap was designed on the posterior aspect of the leg. 15 patients were treated with this flap, who had soft-tissue shortage of the lower third of the leg, the foot or(More)
While electronic commerce radically accelerates business transactions and interactions, e-marketplace providers constantly face the challenge in attracting critical mass of participants. Previous studies suggest that trust is the prerequisite to online transaction and interaction. The purpose of this research is to explore relational factors in influencing(More)
This paper tests experimentally public deliberation procedures such as voting and "in-ternal reflection" on people's preferences for redistribution depending on how money was earned. Consistent with a number of social justice theories, we set out to find people's preferences for redistribution when they earned their money either through effort,(More)
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