Irene Petrou

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Colgate Simply White Clear Whitening Gel, an at-home tooth-whitening product purchased over the counter, contains 18% carbamide peroxide (equivalent to 6.5% hydrogen peroxide) as the active ingredient in a brush-applied liquid gel. The excipients include ingredients commonly used in dentifrices. The potential for effects on the tooth pulp, oral soft tissue(More)
OBJECTIVE These studies have utilized a range of state-of-the-art surface techniques to gain insight into the mechanism of action of a new technology for dentin hypersensitivity relief based upon arginine and calcium carbonate and, in particular, to address important questions regarding the nature and extent of dentin tubule occlusion. METHODS Confocal(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this study was to compare the ability of quantitative light-induced fluorescence (QLF) and surface microhardness (SMH) to measure the remineralization of enamel subsurface lesions, using a pH-cycling model including treatment with 0-ppm, 550-ppm or 1,100-ppm sodium fluoride (NaF) dentifrices. METHODS Subsurface lesions were created(More)
Enamel slabs and thin sections with artificially formed caries lesions were placed in the removable dentures of 15 subjects who brushed them three times daily for 2 weeks with a 1.3% pyrophosphate/1,100 ppm F/1.5% Gantrez dentifrice, a 1,100-ppm F dentifrice without pyrophosphate or Gantrez, or a placebo dentifrice in a double-blind, crossover study.(More)
The number of open government initiatives and directives around the globe with focused interest on publishing large amounts of data on the Web as “open” is increasing rapidly in the recent years. Opening up data aims for citizens, scientists and organizations to easily access, discover and exploit the data and consequently to benefit out of them. As a(More)
PURPOSE To ascertain the mode of action of a new Pro-Argin formula desensitizing dentifrice with a gentle whitening benefit containing 8.0% arginine, a high cleaning calcium carbonate system and sodium monofluorophosphate, utilizing a range of state-of-the-art surface techniques. METHODS Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) and scanning electron(More)
In this paper we present a case study on publishing statistical data as Linked Open Data. Statistical or fact-based data are maintained by statistical agencies and organizations, harvested via surveys or aggregated from other sources and mainly concern to observations of socioeconomic indicators. In this case study, we present the publishing as LOD of the(More)
This report summarizes the findings from eight individual remineralization studies that used the thin-section sandwich model. This model uses thin sections of human enamel (or dentin) containing caries-like lesions sandwiched between sheets of thin plastic which are then implanted into the buccal surfaces of molars in removable partial mandibular dentures.(More)
A dual-chamber dentifrice, which contains sodium fluoride (NaF) in one component and dicalcium phosphate dihydrate (dical) in the other, has been developed. The dentifrice is packaged in a dual-chamber tube and is formulated to deliver 1100 ppm F. A series of studies consisting of in vitro fluoride uptake, in vivo calcium labeling, intraoral(More)