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In this correspondence, we describe a significant update and expansion of the original CASBAH (CAspase Sub-strate dataBAse Homepage) created by Luthi and Martin [1]. CASBAH contained both putative (not formally identified in the cited reference(s)) and experimentally confirmed caspase substrates. In MerCASBA (MERck CAspase Substrate dataBAse), we discarded(More)
346 Trends in the dynamics of population gene pools under changing environmental conditions are of major interest to researchers (Altukhov, 2004). Ample data have been accumulated on genetic changes in animal populations under the impact of various factors (Bol'shakov and Moiseenko, 2009). Cytogenetic anall ysis, along with the conventional approach such as(More)
Dengue is one of the most important mosquito-borne infections accounting for severe morbidity and mortality worldwide. Recently, the tetravalent chimeric live attenuated Dengue vaccine Dengvaxia® was approved for use in several dengue endemic countries. In general, live attenuated vaccines (LAV) are very efficacious and offer long-lasting immunity against(More)
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