Irene Lopez de Vallejo

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MOTIVATION Over the last few years, ubiquitous computing has shifted more and more out of laboratories and into everyday applications, such as toll ways or navigation systems. Consequently, ubiquitous computing has also entered the conscience of an ever increasing part of the general public, as the latest discussions about consumer privacy with respect to(More)
Evaluating ubiquitous systems with users can be a challenge, and the goal of this workshop was to take stock of current issues and novel approaches to address this challenge. In this paper, we report on the discussions we had during several plenary and small-group sessions. We first briefly review those evaluation methods that we identified as being used in(More)
Pervasive computing is a continually, and rapidly, growing field, although still remains in relative infancy. The possible applications for the technology are numerous, and stand to fundamentally change the way users interact with technology. However, alongside these are equally numerous potential undesirable effects and risks. The lack of empirical(More)
There are several references to research projects involving the Ambient Intelligence concept (AmI) in technical publications. These are mainly focused on applications linked to the everyday life of individuals at home, in the street, in the car, in public spaces – and largely related to leisure and to a specific concept of quality of life. But, we wonder,(More)
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