Irene Lena Hudson

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The effects of soil air-filled porosity, soil matric potential and soil strength on primary root growth of radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don) seedlings were examined in four soil textures ranging from coarse to fine. At low penetrometer resistance (< 0.5 MPa) and high soil matric potential (≥ − 0.01 MPa), root elongation rate was close to zero when(More)
This study examines the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in Canterbury (1973–1989) in relation to climate. Three mixture models (Finite Mixture, Zero-in)ated Poisson and Hurdle) are used as novel methods which are able to highlight di8erential e8ects of climatic covariates between months of SIDS and no SIDS. These methods accommodate the(More)
Long-range dependence is regarded as a fundamental property of network traffic. Using an original approach, we incorporate this property in a traffic control mechanism for elastic connections that can adapt to the instantaneous network load in a differentiated services-type framework. In this scenario, the network makes predictions of bandwidth requirements(More)
There is substantial evidence of climate-related shifts to the timing of avian migration. Although spring arrival has generally advanced, variable species responses and geographical biases in data collection make it difficult to generalise patterns. We advance previous studies by using novel multivariate statistical techniques to explore complex(More)
Agitation-sedation cycling in critically ill patients, characterized by oscillations between states of agitation and over-sedation, is damaging to patient health, and increases length of stay and healthcare costs. The mathematical model presented captures the essential dynamics of the agitation-sedation system for the first time, and is statistically(More)
BACKGROUND Countries have agreed on reduction targets for tobacco smoking stipulated in the WHO global monitoring framework, for achievement by 2025. In an analysis of data for tobacco smoking prevalence from nationally representative survey data, we aimed to provide comprehensive estimates of recent trends in tobacco smoking, projections for future tobacco(More)
Self-Organising Map (SOM) clustering methods applied to the monthly and seasonal averaged flowering intensity records of eight Eucalypt species are shown to successfully quantify, visualise and model synchronisation of multivariate time series. The SOM algorithm converts complex, nonlinear relationships between high-dimensional data into simple networks and(More)
This paper presents an ABR control scheme (ABR2 – DP) which maximises the utilisation of information available about the network traffic. Firstly, it takes into account the long-range dependence of the self-similar background network traffic, and utilises it for more accurate multi-step predictions of the explicit rate (ER). secondly, prediction errors for(More)
Optimal linear predictors can be utilised in ABR control algorithms for the management of self-similar network traffic. However, estimates of the Hurst parameter are required to generate these predictors, and uncertainity in these estimates results in a potential mismatch of the predictors to the traffic. When mismatched congestion control algorithms are(More)