Irene Karaguilla Ficheman

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The dissemination of digital technology in the past decades has made digital media part of children's everyday life and can be used to support learning activities inside and outside schools in formal and informal situations. The design of such tools should consider learners' access to technology in these different contexts. This paper presents a Digital(More)
This paper presents a usability test conducted for a music composition edutainment software called Editor Musical. The software, which offers creative virtual learning environments, has been developed in collaboration between the Programas Educacionais da Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo (OSESP). This paper focuses on the description of a(More)
—Television is most people favorite pastime. The way we watch TV has not changed since its invention 75 years ago. However, research in computer graphics and display technology favored the advances of TV platforms, such as interactivity and stereoscopy. Moreover device connectivity allows new ways of distributing content and applications, including films(More)
This paper presents the Mário Schenberg Spaceship, a Virtual Reality (VR) based collaborative learning environment for Astronomy, Science and Physics learning. The installation has a spaceship-like scenario, where a group of learners experiment an adventure in space. Learners interact with six workstations to play a collaborative but not competitive game.(More)