Irene Kafeza

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In an e-service environment, workflow involves not only a single organization but also a number of business partners. Workflow inter-operability is therefore an important issue for workflow enactment in such an environment. In this paper, we introduce a novel concept of workflow views as a fundamental support for E-service workflow inter-operability and for(More)
New technologies have introduced new ways in business transactions where online contracting is complementing and even substituting traditional paper-based transactions. One of the major recent innovations of online contracting is the use of intelligent agents to make contracts among users and businesses around the globe. Despite recent legislations on(More)
The Grid environment is rapidly emerging as a collaborative environment for a wide range of applications. Applications that demand intense problem solving capabilities, extensive data sharing and processing, collaborative relationships among distributed participants employ grid computing. Grid environments provide efficient and scalable access to(More)
In an increasingly integrated global economy the importance as well as the growing availability of Cloud Providers has provided companies, individuals and the Governmental agencies with a variety of benefits such as significant cost reduction. As the role and number of Cloud Providers has increased a novel set of issues has emerged. These novel issues refer(More)
The unprecedented advancement of the internet is complementing and even replacing the traditional commerce transactions. While face-to-face merchant agreements and paper-based contracts have always been the mechanism for facilitating business transactions nowadays web contracting is introducing a business environment where web contracts are in digital form,(More)
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