Irene J Hsu

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Pt was deposited onto tungsten carbide powders using atomic layer deposition to produce core-shell catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). The Pt loading on these catalysts was reduced nearly ten-fold compared to a bulk Pt catalyst while equivalent HER activities were observed.
We study the long distance contribution to K+ → π+νν̄ by using chiral perturbation theory. We find that the tree level O(P 2) contribution vanishes identically without assuming the large Nc limit. The leading contribution arises from the one-loop amplitude, which is O(P 4) in the chiral power counting. The branching ratio of the long distance contribution(More)
We calculate long distance contributions to K → πνν̄ , ππνν̄, and πππνν̄ modes within the framework of chiral perturbation theory. We find that these contributions to decay rates of K → πνν̄ and K → ππνν̄ in the chiral logarithmic approximation are at least seven orders of magnitude suppressed relative to those from the short distance parts. The long(More)
We study both CP conserving and violating contributions to the decay KL → ππνν̄. We find that the decay branching ratio is dominated by the CP conserving part. In the standard CKM model, we estimate that for mt ∼ 174 GeV , the branching ratio due to the CP conserving (violating) contributions can be as large as 4.4× 10 (1.0× 10).
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