Irene Garcia Medina

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G protein-gated inwardly rectifying potassium (GIRK) channels are a family of K(+)-selective ion channels that slow the firing rate of neurons and cardiac myocytes. GIRK channels are directly bound and activated by the G protein G beta gamma subunit. As heterotetramers, they comprise the GIRK1 and the GIRK2, -3, or -4 subunits. Here we show that GIRK1 but(More)
The cardiac G protein-gated K+ channel, IKACh, is directly activated by G protein beta gamma subunits (Gbeta gamma). IKAChis composed of two inward rectifier K+ channel subunits, GIRK1 and GIRK4. Gbeta gamma binds to both GIRK1 and GIRK4 subunits of the heteromultimeric IKACh. Here we delineate the Gbeta gamma binding regions of IKACh by studying direct(More)
The muscarinic-gated atrial potassium channel IKACh has been well characterized functionally, and has been an excellent model system for studying G protein/effector interactions. Complementary DNAs encoding the composite subunits of IKACh have been identified, allowing direct probing of structural and functional features of the channel. Here, we highlight(More)
Holliday junctions (HJs) are formed as transient DNA intermediates during site-specific and homologous recombination. Both of these genetic exchange pathways are critical for normal DNA metabolism and repair. Trapping HJs leads to bacterial cell death by preventing proper segregation of the resulting interlinked chromosomes. Macrocyclic peptides designed to(More)
Described are the syntheses of 14 derivatives of the natural product Sansalvamide A, where two are more active against HCT 116 colon cancer cell lines than the natural product. These derivatives were synthesized using a combinatorial-type strategy that permits elucidation of the amino acid role in the cytotoxicity, and they lay the groundwork for(More)
We report the synthesis of thirty-six Sansalvamide A derivatives, and their biological activity against colon cancer HT-29 cell line, a microsatellite stable (MSS) colon cancer cell-line. The thirty-six compounds can be divided into three subsets, where the first subset of compounds contains L-amino acids, the second subset contains D-amino acids, and the(More)
—In a more transparent and dynamic world, in which consumers trust other consumers more for advice and recommendations on products and services, the continuity of organizations appears to be associated with socialization, the sharing of interests and the interaction with the audience. This is associated with the incorporation of digital technologies to(More)
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