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This study was performed to determine if keratin 18 (K18) has prognostic significance in breast cancer cell lines and patients with breast carcinoma. Paraffin sections of primary breast carcinoma tumors and human breast carcinoma cell lines were examined for K18 expression by immunohistochemical staining with the monoclonal antibody CK2. K18 protein(More)
OBJECTIVE Congenital sodium diarrhoea (CSD) refers to a form of secretory diarrhoea with intrauterine onset and high faecal losses of sodium without congenital malformations. The molecular basis for CSD remains unknown. We clinically characterised a cohort of infants with CSD and set out to identify disease-causing mutations by genome-wide genetic testing.(More)
Congenital sodium diarrhea (CSD) refers to an intractable diarrhea of intrauterine onset with high fecal sodium loss. CSD is clinically and genetically heterogeneous. Syndromic CSD is caused by SPINT2 mutations. While we recently described four cases of the non-syndromic form of CSD that were caused by dominant activating mutations in intestinal receptor(More)
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