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Molecular determinants regulating the activation of class B G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) by native peptide agonists are largely unknown. We have investigated here the interaction between the corticotropin releasing factor receptor type 1 (CRF1R) and its native 40-mer peptide ligand Urocortin-I directly in mammalian cells. By incorporating unnatural(More)
Natural proteins often rely on the disulfide bond to covalently link side chains. Here we genetically introduce a new type of covalent bond into proteins by enabling an unnatural amino acid to react with a proximal cysteine. We demonstrate the utility of this bond for enabling irreversible binding between an affibody and its protein substrate, capturing(More)
Optical control of protein function provides excellent spatial-temporal resolution for studying proteins in situ. Although light-sensitive exogenous proteins and ligands have been used to manipulate neuronal activity, a method for optical control of neuronal proteins using unnatural amino acids (Uaa) in vivo is lacking. Here, we describe the genetic(More)
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