Irene Cheng

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Endovascular surgery is performed by placing a catheter through blood vessels. Due to the fragility of arteries and the difficulty in controlling a long elastic wire to reach the target region, training plays an extremely important role in helping a surgeon acquire the required complex skills. Virtual reality simulators and augmented reality systems have(More)
The presence of cavities in the upper lung zones is an important indicator of highly infectious Tuberculosis (TB). Diagnoses performed by the radiologists are labor intensive and of high inter-reader variation. After analyzing the existing computer-aided detection techniques, we propose an fully automated TB cavity detection system which combines a 2D(More)
In this paper we describe a methodology for constructing the airways from Cone Beam CT data and representing changes before and after a medical procedure. A seed region is automatically detected for the first CT slice using a heuristic algorithm incorporating morphological filtering. Our approach then extracts relevant contours on 3D slices by using(More)
Axon degeneration during development is required to sculpt a functional nervous system and is also a hallmark of pathological insult, such as injury [1, 2]. Despite similar morphological characteristics, very little overlap in molecular mechanisms has been reported between pathological and developmental degeneration [3-5]. In the peripheral nervous system(More)
Over the past decade, research in medical imaging and visualization has seen a progression from 2D to 3D and now 4D representation of medical data. 4D (3D +time) representation allows one to not only visualize a 3D structure, but also to study its functional movement. However, due to technological limitations no current acquisition modality acquires data in(More)
This paper describes using 3D chain expressions for encoding unit-width curve skeletons and measuring shape dissimilarity. By integrating a robust skeletonization technique with 3D chain coding, the proposed algorithm can compare not only the skeleton topology but also the curvature of skeleton segments. Robustness of the search and potential for retrieving(More)
Real-time control of visual display systems via mid-air hand gestures offers many advantages over traditional interaction modalities. In medicine, for example, it allows a practitioner to adjust display values, e.g. contrast or zoom, on a medical visualization interface without the need to re-sterilize the interface. However, when users are holding a small(More)
Historically, the Internet has been viewed as a provider of a single level of service, that of "best effort", where all data packets are given the same priority in the network. However, service providers are increasingly realizing that the Internet in reality offers varying levels of service; some areas of the network may have high levels of congestion(More)
In this paper, study of various image fusion techniques especially for multi-focus images has been introduced. With the increased development of technology, it is necessary to retrieve information from multi source images in order to produce a high quality fused image with spatial and spectral information. Image Fusion is the process that allows the(More)
The need for calibration of multiple cameras working together in a network, or for the acquisition of free viewpoint video for 3D TV, is becoming increasingly important in recent years. In this paper we present a novel approach for calibrating multiple cameras using an ordinary globe that is usually available in every household. This method makes it(More)