Irene Borra-Serrano

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) combined with different spectral range sensors are an emerging technology for providing early weed maps for optimizing herbicide applications. Considering that weeds, at very early phenological stages, are similar spectrally and in appearance, three major components are relevant: spatial resolution, type of sensor and(More)
This article describes the technical specifications and configuration of a multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to acquire remote images using a six-band multispectral sensor. Several flight missions were programmed as follows: three flight altitudes (60, 80 and 100 m), two flight modes (stop and cruising modes) and two ground control point (GCP)(More)
Addressing the spatial and temporal variability of crops for agricultural management requires intensive and periodical information gathering from the crop fields. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry is a quick and affordable method for information collecting; it provides spectral and spatial information when required with the added value of Digital(More)
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