Irene B. Nirenburg

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While complete understanding of arbitrary input text remains in the future, it is currently possible to construct natural language processing systems that provide a partial understanding of text with limited accuracy. Moreover, such systems can provide cost-effective solutions to commercially-significant business problems. This paper describes one such(More)
ge~;vei Nire~tburg Ca, r~egie,.Mel#m Unive~'i~y /~'".~;". Nirenbu~ " t :acm~gL~ Grotq, lnc A~M~'g~ef~ This t~i~ dc:~cdbcs a proeedmc Ru' lexical se.. le=,:![~ia~ of OlW, n-claSS k:xicN items in a natmal langp.age gca~:~atkm sysRm. A,l optimum R;xical seleetiol; ua}t~nig ~mlst [i~.: able tO Ira|nice. rt~.!lizati,'m decisions mldc; vary-. i~g rcugextna~(More)
Patent claims are the subject of legal protection. They must be formulated according to a set of precise syntactic, lexical and stylistic guidelines. Composing patent claims is a complex task, even for experts. In this paper we report about an tmplemented system for supporting authoring claims for patents describing apparatuses. The system generates claim(More)
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