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BACKGROUND Immigration has increased remarkably in Spain over the past ten years. For theoretical reasons, the question has been raised as to whether this population may possibly be responsible for a rise in the incidence and/or transmission of infectious diseases. However, very few studies have been conducted regarding the diseases among this group which(More)
OBJECTIVES To study census-tract distribution of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis mortality in the Madrid Region and its association with socio-economic deprivation. METHODS Cross-sectional, ecological (3906 census-tract) study, using mortality data for 1996-2003 and a deprivation index drawn up on the basis of 2001 census data. Standardised mortality(More)
BACKGROUND Features of the area might contribute to differences in cardiovascular mortality. The census tract distribution of ischaemic heart disease (IHD) and cerebrovascular disease mortality in the Region of Madrid and its association with deprivation and environmental variables were examined in this study. METHODS Cross-sectional, ecological study(More)
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