Irene A Cardoso

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Odontozona edwardsi, a rare stenopodid shrimp from deep waters of the northwest African coast off Morocco and Western Sahara is redescribed and figured based on type material and an additional 26 specimens including some from the Gulf of Cadiz and off Roscoff, France. Specimens of another Odontozona from the Gulf of Mexico, off Sapelo Island, Georgia, and(More)
Six Munidopsis species are recorded to the Southwestern Atlantic: M. barbarae; M. erinacea; M. nitida; M. sigsbei; M. riveroi and M. transtridens. Herein a new Munidopsis species from Southwestern Atlantic is described: Munidopsis trindadensis sp.nov., was sampled off Trindade Island (Espírito Santo, Brazil) at 360 m depth and differs from all six species(More)
The deep sea shrimp genus Nematocarcinus Milne Edwards, 1881 includes 47 species, ten of them have been recorded from the Atlantic Ocean. Herein, material sampled during three scientific projects (REVIZEE Central Fishery project; Campos Basin Deep Sea Environmental Project; Evaluation of Environmental Heterogeneity in the Campos Basin) made in the(More)
The pandalid genus Plesionika Bate, 1888 includes 93 species and has a widespread distribution including mainly subtropical and tropical waters and some temperate waters, but most species can be found in the Indo-West Pacific. The species of this genus are benthic or nektobenthic, feeding on pelagic and benthic resources. Up to the present, the occurrence(More)
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