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We investigated sensorimotor adaptation to auditory feedback perturbations during speech production. In Study I, formant or fundamental frequency (F 0) feedback was manipulated during sustained vowels. When F 0 feedback was altered, group data showed upward F 0 adjustments regardless of the feedback shift direction. When formant feedback was altered, group(More)
To investigate voice changes as they develop over time due to cigarette smoking, women who never smoked (NS), women who smoked less than 10 years (S1), and women who smoked 10 or more years (S2) were compared. Acoustic (fundamental frequency, jitter, shimmer, signal-to-noise ratio), electroglottographic (open, closing, and speed quotients), aerodynamic(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of this study was to compare the speed of phonological encoding between adults who stutter (AWS) and adults who do not stutter (ANS). Fifteen male AWS and 15 age- and gender-matched ANS participated in the study. Speech onset latency was obtained for both groups and stuttering frequency was calculated for AWS during three phonological(More)
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