Irena V Telesh

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The brackish Baltic Sea hosts species of various origins and environmental tolerances. These immigrated to the sea 10,000 to 15,000 years ago or have been introduced to the area over the relatively recent history of the system. The Baltic Sea has only one known endemic species. While information on some abiotic parameters extends back as long as five(More)
Different levels of eutrophication and pollution in the Baltic coastal waters in general, and in estuaries particularly define variations in the buffering capacity of ecosystems of these important filter zones between rivers and the adjacent Baltic Proper. Phyto- and zooplankton in the estuaries form important components of the pelagic food webs that(More)
The paper presents brief excursion into history of the concept of environmental security and its practices in North America and Europe. The concept of environmental security was first introduced in the end of the XX. century when new unconventional threats were added to national security agendas of individual states. Along with traditional military aspects,(More)
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