Irena Twardowska

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Legal definitions exert a significant impact on the waste management strategy. Waste that is technically suitable for recovery does not automatically become a raw material if there is no market for it, or its use is not commercially effective and, hence, they should be disposed of. The majority of disposed wastes, including recyclable waste, are not(More)
This article was aimed to explore the main rhizospherial properties of the Cd hyperaccumulator R. globosa compared to those of the non hyperaccumulator Rorippa palustris (Leyss.) Bess. representing the same genus (Rorippa) of Cruciferae. Pot culture experiments using soil spiked with Cd as CdCl2·2.5H2O and rhizobags were conducted to determine the(More)
To elucidate mechanisms of Cr3+ sorption onto the unaltered solid natural organic matter, the comparative studies of this ion binding from a solution at pH 4.0 onto three selected particle size fractions: 2000-1000 microm, 630-200 microm and 63-20 microm of markedly different HS content and structure, separated by a wet sieving from an overall sample of(More)
Bioleaching by Aspergillus niger strain SY1 combined with Fenton-like reaction was optimized to improve trace metal removal and dewaterability of dredged sediments. The major optimized parameters were the duration of bioleaching and H₂O₂ dose in Fenton-like process (5 days and 2g H₂O₂/L, respectively). Bioleaching resulted in the removal of ≈90% of Cd, ≈60%(More)
The effect of complexing anion and adsorbate-adsorbent contact mode (static equilibrium or dynamic non-equilibrium) on binding and partition of Cu(2+), Cd(2+) and Zn(2+) onto organic matter (exemplified in a low-moor peat) was studied. The study comprised comparative batch and column flow-through sorption experiments on monometallic solutions of Me-Cl and(More)
This experiment was used to explore whether the 11 nitrogenous nutrients affect the hyperaccumulation of Rorippa globosa (Turcz.) Thell. to Cd. Pot culture experiments using soil spiked with Cd as CdCl2·2.5H2O and 11 nitrogen-containing chemicals were conducted to determine the efficiency of the accumulation of Cd by R. globosa. Application of all 11(More)
This paper is the second one of two companion papers. It presents results of a study aimed at assessing the effect of real time weathering transformations of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCRs) on trace element binding/release and its environmental implications. The study is based on the chemical composition of pore solutions extracted from primary alkaline(More)