Irena Horwacik

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BACKGROUND MCPIP is a novel CCCH zinc finger protein described as an RNase engaged in the regulation of immune responses. The regulation of expression of the gene coding for MCPIP - ZC3H12A is poorly explored. RESULTS Here we report that the proinflammatory cytokine IL-1beta rapidly induces the synthesis of MCPIP in primary monocyte-derived macrophages(More)
The GD2 ganglioside expressed on neuroectodermally derived tumors, including neuroblastoma and melanoma, is weakly immunogenic in tumor-bearing patients and induces predominantly immunoglobulin (Ig)-M antibody responses in the immunized host. Here, we investigated whether interconversion of GD2 into a peptide mimetic form would induce GD2 cross-reactive IgG(More)
Gangliosides are a diverse group of sialic acid containing glycosphigolipids that are abundantly present in an outer plasma membrane of some cells. Biological roles of gangliosides and other lipids in cell fate regulation are being extensively studied. Gangliosides are well known to be involved in interactions between cells and in signal transduction to(More)
Neuroblastoma, the most common extracranial solid tumour of childhood, is a malignancy of unknown origin and non-specific symptoms. One of the markers of the disease is GD2 ganglioside (disialoganglioside), which is abundantly expressed on the surface of neuroblastoma cells. Gangliosides are known to be shed by tumour cells and this phenomenon can be(More)
Neuroblastoma is the most common extra-cranial solid tumor of childhood and it is characterized by the presence of a glycosphingolipid, GD2 ganglioside. Monoclonal antibodies targeting the antigen are currently tested in clinical trials. Additionally, several research groups reported results revealing that ganglioside-specific antibodies can affect cellular(More)
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