Irena Holubová

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Since XML becomes a crucial format for representing information, it is necessary to establish techniques for managing XML documents. A possible solution can be found in storing XML data in (object-)relational databases. For this purpose most of the existing techniques often exploit an XML schema of the stored XML data, usually expressed in DTD. But the more(More)
Spore walls of Backusella lamprospora (Mucorales) were stained with ten fluorescent brighteners (FB) and the intensity of their fluorescence was determined. The fluorescence was most intense with Uvitex 2B (100%), other brighteners yielding lower fluorescence intensities: Blankophor BA 267% and BA 200% about 75%, Rylux BSU about 50%, other Rylux agents(More)
Change detection of XML data has emerged as an important research issue in the last decade, however the majority of change detection algorithms focuses on XML documents rather than schemas. This is because documents that contain data are deemed more significant than the schema itself. This paper looks at the problem from a different perspective by(More)