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TanDEM-X is a mission proposal for an innovative spaceborne radar interferometer which has been evaluated in a phase A study by a joint DLR and EADS/Astrium team. The mission concept is based on two TerraSAR-X radar satellites flying in close formation to achieve the desired interferometric baselines in a highly reconfigurable configuration. The main goal(More)
2 between 0.80 and 0.98. The dual-pol inversion does not require an external DTM but depends on the visibility of the whole forest layer. Accordingly, its performance varied with forest structure and season: The best performance was achieved for the summer acquisition of the boreal test site (r 2 = 0.86) and for the winter acquisition of the temperate test(More)
Forest biomass is one of the most important parameters for global carbon stock modelling yet can only be estimated with great uncertainties. Unfortunately, conventional remote sensing techniques for the estimation of forest biomass are not able to provide estimates on a global scale. An alternative approach is based on forest height estimates from single(More)