Irem Erdil

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We aimed to show the utility and reliability of sternal morphometric analysis for sex estimation.Sex estimation is a very important step in forensic identification. Skeletal surveys are main methods for sex estimation studies. Morphometric analysis of sternum may provide high accuracy rated data in sex discrimination. In this study, morphometric analysis of(More)
INTRODUCTION Shear wave elastography is a method for the measurement of tissue stiffness. The advantage of this method is that its outcome is not operator dependent. Our aim was to compare the elastiscity values of the right lobe of the liver of normal weighted and morbidly obese patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS The mean elastiscity values of the right(More)
Determination of the ossification properties of the iliac apophysis is important not only in the clinical evaluation of patients undergoing orthopedic surgery but also in age estimation studies for forensic purposes. The literature includes both anthropological and radiological (conventional radiography, ultrasonography, and magnetic resonance imaging(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Accurate radiographic measurements are crucial in treating hallux valgus (HV). This three-dimensional deformity should not be evaluated from one joint on one plane. However, in practice, surgeons measure the deformity only on transverse dorsoplantar radiographs. We determined the amount of error associated with positioning the foot(More)
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