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This document has been prepared in the ESPRIT BRA No. 8579, Multimodal Integration for Advanced Multimedia Interfaces — in the following referred to as MIAMI — in order to serve as a basis for future work. The basic terms which will be used in MIAMI will be defined and an overview on man-machine-interfaces will be given. The term " taxonomy " is used in the(More)
In this paper, the channel issues of 3D video delivery over DVB-H channel are addressed. The full-scale DVB-H broadcast channel set in Tampere University of Technology is described. In addition, an experimental DVB-H software environment has been built to run extensive channel simulations. The paper summarizes the plan and goals for the simulations and real(More)
Recommended by Sébastien Lefèvre A framework for the unification of statistical and structural information for pattern retrieval based on local feature sets is presented. We use local features constructed from coefficients of quantized block transforms borrowed from video compression which robustly preserving perceptual information under quantization. We(More)
This paper presents a wireless ballistocardiographic chair developed for the Proactive Health Monitoring project in the Institute of Signal Processing. EMFi sensors are used for BCG measurement and IEEE 802.15.4 RF link for radio communication between the chair and a PC. The chair measures two BCG signals from the seat and the backrest and a rough ECG(More)
— In this paper we present our implementation of a layered ZigBee network and the performance test results using non-beaconing networks. Adding the implemented network layer to an existing IEEE 802.15.4 stack did not affect the throughput in the network. It is also concluded that with knowledge of the network structure an extra added delay between sending(More)