Irati Miguel

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We present a population genetic study focused on the two subspecies of the M evolutionary lineage, A. m. mellifera and A. m. iberiensis. Nuclear and mtDNA variation was analysed in 27 bee populations from the Iberian Peninsula, France and Belgium. Microsatellite data provides compelling evidence of a barrier to neutral gene flow at the Pyrenees. In(More)
Traditional morphometrics, allozymes, and mitochondrial data have supported a close relationship between the M branch subspecies A. m. iberiensis and the North African subspecies (A branch). However, studies using nuclear DNA markers have revealed a clear distinction between the latter and the two European M branch subspecies. In help resolve this paradox,(More)
The genus Pseudo-nitzschia contains potentially toxic species of problematic taxonomy, making it one of the most intensively studied diatom genera. The study of 35 clonal strains isolated from the Bilbao estuary, an area that experiences recurrent blooms of Pseudo-nitzschia, revealed the presence of two new species, P. abrensis and P. plurisecta, differing(More)
A single cell of the dinoflagellate genus Fukuyoa was isolated from the island of Formentera (Balearic Islands, west Mediterranean Sea), cultured, and characterized by morphological and molecular methods and toxin analyses. This is the first report of the Gambierdiscus lineage (genera Fukuyoa and Gambierdiscus) from the western Mediterranean Sea, which is(More)
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