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Paraoxonase activities in human follicular fluid: role in follicular maturation.
An increase in the activities of PONs with follicle size is shown, thus providing indirect evidence for the role of Pons in follicle maturation. Expand
Lower follicular n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid levels are associated with a better response to ovarian stimulation
Results indicate that lower n-3 PUFA levels in large follicles, which are associated with younger women, predict a better response to ovarian stimulation based on the recovery of total and mature oocytes, total and top-quality embryos, and fertilization rate per cycle. Expand
Analysis of Protein Oxidative Modifications in Follicular Fluid from Fertile Women: Natural Versus Stimulated Cycles
Findings from this work suggest that natural cycles are more protected against protein glycoxidation, and are the basis for further research to elucidate the possible relevance of this follicular biomarker of advanced glycation end product in fertility programs. Expand
Effect of vitamin E administered to men in infertile couples on sperm and assisted reproduction outcomes: a double-blind randomized study
The effect of vitamin E on classic sperm parameters was not an improvement over placebo, but vitamin E administration was associated with a statistically significantly higher live-birth rate, and there was a trend toward better results in other IVF parameters. Expand
Ovarian stimulated cycles reduce protection of follicular fluid against free radicals.
It is suggested that COH could lead to premature ovarian aging and provide new insights into the possible prevention of the adverse effects of ovarian hyperstimulation by directing therapeutic applications to the maintenance of the redox balance and fatty acid status, with special attention to paraoxonase proteins and docosahexaenoic acid. Expand
Characterization of the paraoxonase system in follicular fluid of women subjected to an ovarian stimulation cycle.
Results indicate that follicular fluid presents paraoxonase activities which are detectable by the methods developed in this study, suggesting that the PON system plays a role in oocyte maturation. Expand
Meta‐analysis of the embryo freezing transfer interval
FET could improve pregnancy rates in IVF; however, how much time is needed for the endometrium to return to optimal receptivity after ovarian stimulation is not known. Expand
Antioxidant status of human follicular fluid: natural versus controlled ovarian hyper-stimulated cycles
Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) is used in standard protocols in in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, its use is associated with clinical complications such as ovarian hyperstimulationExpand
Evidence of Paraoxonases 1, 2, and 3 Expression in Human Ovarian Granulosa Cells
The first evidence describing the presence of mRNAs and proteins of the three members of the PON family in human ovarian GC is described, which will contribute to a better understanding of the reproduction process. Expand
Human granulosa cells express proteins of the paraoxonase family
Free radicals are necessary in female reproduction, but at high concentrations they are associated with reproductive diseases and infertility. To maintain these species in non-harmful stationaryExpand