Iraj Mirzaee

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Numerical investigation of the laminar mixed convection in two-dimensional lid driven cavity filled with water-Al2O3, water-Cu or water-TiO2 nanofluids is done in this work. In the present study, the top and bottom horizontal walls are thermally insulated while the vertical walls are kept at constant but different temperatures. The governing equations are(More)
The Stokes flow induced by the motion of an elastic massless filament immersed in a two-dimensional fluid is studied. Initially, the filament is deviated from its equilibrium state and the fluid is at rest. The filament will induce fluid motion while returning to its equilibrium state. Two different test cases are examined. In both cases, the motion of a(More)
Heat transfer enhancement during phase change is important in design of latent heat thermal energy storage system. This paper presents a numerical study of heat transfer enhancement during solidification in concentric cylindrical horizontal annulus through dispersion of nanoparticle. An enthalpy porosity technique with finite volume approach was used to(More)
Capturing airborne particles from air into a liquid is a critical process for the development of many sensors and analytical systems. A miniaturized airborne particle sampling device (microimpinger) has been developed in this research. The microimpinger relies on a controlled bubble generation process produced by driving air through microchannel arrays. The(More)
In this study a two dimensional axisymmetric, steady state and incompressible laminar flow in a rotating single disk is numerically investigated. The finite volume method is used for solving the momentum equations. The numerical model and results are validated by comparing it to previously reported experimental data for velocities, angles and moment(More)
Abstract—In this numerical study, effects of using Al2O3-water nanofluid on the rate of heat transfer have been investigated. Physical model is a square enclosure with insulated top and bottom horizontal walls, while the vertical walls are kept at different constant temperatures. Two appropriate models are used to evaluate the viscosity and thermal(More)
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